Surroundings and activities

Murcia is a pretty, lively small Region in the southeastern corner of Spain. It has over 200 kilometers of beaches on the Mediterranean coast, a brilliant 3,000 years history and diverse spectacular landscapes, ranging from the desert to lush green forest and waterfalls


The Murcia Region boasts 200 kilometres of coastline, with 6 approved diving areas and 26 Registered Diving Clubs. Outshining them all there’s the World known Islas Hormigas Marine Reserve off Cabo de Palos. Many Diving Clubs organize expeditions there, with a wide range of prices.


Murcia is considered the dry Europe, but you will be surprised at the variety of walking trails among green forests and lost creeks and caves available for the avid trekker. Not to mention the number of rock walls available for those daring to go on a rock climbing day. Our expert JM will surprise you with his knowledge of ancient history, biology and geography of the Region.

Pilmagre to Caravaca

Caravaca’s Basilica was recognized as a 3rd most important site of pilgrimage in the Catholic World, and it’s a wondefurl historic building that crowns the streets of the beautiful hillside town of Caravaca. The pilgrimage from Murcia is roughly 65 kilometres, making for a perfect 3-day hike, starting from the back door of the hostel along the Segura River, or a day cycle in a beautiful scenery.

Get to know the real city

Fall in love with its charm and generous people. This city is especially fun for young people since it’s a college town where about 40,000 students attend the Murcia's University. With 300 days of sunshine a year

Go off the beaten track

Go into the places only locals are familiar with. Visit little known hideouts and avenues that open the mind into what being a local is all about.

Murcia's Gastronomy

Murcia has a rich and varied gastronomy. Largely down to the many ingredients that you can find in the region, many of which are unique, like Calasparra rice, seafood and fish from Mar Menor or the fruit and vegetables from 'La Huerta'.