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1 cama en ASIATICA

12 m2 | 2 x Litera

4-bed mixed dorm with private bathroom. Set in our lovely garden and near the entrance, it's the perfect spot to enjoy the full beauty of the house and catch up with all the hustle and bustle of Hostel life


16,2 € /cama

1 cama en BOSQUE

20 m2 | 1 x Litera | 2 x Cama Individual

4-bed mixed family dorm. You will enjoy the comfort and coziness of this room, whether it's for a romantic stay or shared with friends and family. It has a full private bathroom, a small patio for pets or smokers and a very convenient location right next to our common areas on the ground...

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17,1 € /cama

1 cama en JARDIN

30 m2 | 1 x Cama Individual | 5 x Litera

10- bed mixed dorm with ample space and windows overlooking the swimming-pool area. You have a dedicated shower and toilet and direct access to all the action in the Hostel.


14,4 € /cama

1 cama en AFRICANA

24 m2 | 4 x Litera

8- bed mixed dorm, with private bathroom and a lovely terrace overlooking the river and the garden. The room is decorated with African wildlife themes.    


15,3 € /cama


20 m2 | 1 x Litera | 1 x Cama Matrimonial | Ocupación : 4

Family room with a double bed and private complete bathroom. The room has a big glass wall overlooking the swimming pool area and the river


36 € /día


16 m2 | 1 x Cama Matrimonial | Ocupación : 2

Cozy double room with a marine theme and private bathroom and terrace overlooking the river. This is the quietest room of our Hostel.


36 € /día

1 cama en MUSICAL

40 m2 | 1 x Litera | 5 x Cama Individual

6- bed mixed dorm with a private bathroom and direct access to our BBQ and swimming-pool area. this an ample and cool room that our more relaxed travellers love.


17,1 € /cama